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Muslim Halal-Friendly Travel to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s diversity of multi-ethnicities spans to also make travel easy and convenient for Muslim travellers. With a large Muslim community, many Sri Lankan hotels offer Halal-friendly and Arabic meals and facilities. The hotels and the travel industry is well equipped to offer facilities such as Qiblah direction locator tool (prayer direction), Prayer timings around the world tool etc. To cut it short, a Muslim traveller can comfortably explore the ever-green pastures of tropical Sri Lanka with ease.

In addition Sri Lanka offers many a sacred Muslim Pilgrimage sites that is sure to interest even the non-Muslim visitors.

Kataragama: Is an ancient holy town that is of great significance to the Buddhists Hindus and Muslims in Sri Lanka. Located towards the South East coast of Sri Lanka bordering the Yala National Park, it is spread along the banks of the Menik River while on the other hand is the extensive religious complex, which contain the shrines and places of worship for followers of all the three religions.

Originally a Buddhist god, the main deity, Kataragama Deviyo, is synonymous here with the 12-armed and war-like Tamil god Skanda, thereby bringing the island’s two main religions together. Skanda’s lance, or vel, is said to be held within Maha Devala, the most important shrine in the complex. Buddhists and Hindus worship at this simple shrine, with three daily services or pujas (at 4.30am, 10.30am and 6.30pm), while Muslims attend a nearby mosque.

Adam’s Peak or Samanala Kanda: Is another of Sri Lanka’s multi-religious sites with the Sri Lankan Hindu’s Buddhist’s, Muslim’s and Christian’s all claiming that the footprint on the summit of this single standing mountain to be that of Siva, Buddha, Adam and St Thomas. Although none of these claims have ever been taken seriously, the peak attracts 100s and 1000s of devotees throughout the year that come not just to pay respect but to marvel at the spectacular scenery atop the mountain and to enjoy a breath-taking sun-rise at the crack of dawn.

With many other holy Mosques and Shines spread throughout the country, Muslim travellers can find themselves in close proximity to Mosques and Prayer rooms at any time during their travels in Sri Lanka.

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