Kayaking & Canoeing in Sri Lanka

With over 100 rivers and an abundance of swamps, lagoons and inter-connecting old canals (originally built by the Dutch), Sri Lanka offers endless prospects of Kayaking / canoeing, which are in deed, a unique and relaxing way to travel and see the beauty of the Sri Lankan country side.

Sri Lanka ‘s well-known KALU GANGA (aka Black River) streams from the very heart of the island down to the west coast town of Kalutara where it finally falls into the Indian Ocean . Through a leisurely canoe trip down this stunning river, canoeists can enjoy the sights of an ever-changing landscapes and a enthralling diversity of flora and fauna. For an substitute to river canoeing, opt for one of the country’s many vast man-made tanks and reservoirs!

The tranquil waters of the Samanalawewa reservoir in Sri Lanka’s Sabaragamuwa province (an easy drive from BELIHULOYA ) provide a perfect setting for this relaxing activity, and with the area’s fruitful birdlife and spectacular sceneries of the neighboring mountains, there’s no limit to the sights as you paddle.