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The pearl of the indian ocean; the land of serendipity; taprobane: Sri Lanka has been known by various evocative names over the centuries, and have been fought over and freed from many an invasive power intent on controlling the island’s rich natural resources and advantageous geographical position. The influences of foreign powers, especially European, have enriched Sri Lankan culture and are ever visible facets in both physical aspects of the country and the mentality of the people. Sri Lanka today has magically combined all these influences, of ancient Indian, Dutch, Portuguese and of the English to form our own unique culture and traditional beliefs.


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Sri Lanka is renowed for its golden beaches, beautiful Buddhist temples and excellent Ceylon tea, but it is just as famous for a crushing three decade long war which ended in 2009. But today Sri Lanka has completely irradicated all forms of terrorist threats and activities. In fact the island today is one of the safest destinations to travel to with many foreign investors flocking to its shores to cashing in on the rapid development activities of the government.


Sri Lanka is a country of great contrasts and diversity, where the people are genuinely friendly, welcoming, and warm… the land of the smiling people. All Sri Lankans share the same belief of respect for the family, home and friendship, and pride in our beautiful island. Sri Lankans have shown great resilience in the face of the tsunami and the three decade long war with the LTTE. Sri Lankans have over the years learned to live and work harmoniously alongside one another away from the conflict zones and recognize the value of each other’s individuality.

Sri Lanka offers the most discerning travel the contrast of some of the best beaches in the world, a histroy that pre-dates Christianity, cultural diversity not seen any where else, the most unqiue forms of culitary dishes, wild life, hill country, festivals and more.

This webiste aims at offering travelers the most comprehensive and up-to-date information to ensure all holiday makers can design the most perfect holiday packages that’s just right for them.

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