Sri Lanka Wildlife Tours

Wild Life tour in Sri Lanka

Don’t be amazed if we tell you that this island nation of ours has over ten premier wildlife national parks, and we at Ranfer Travels combine visits to a selected few to ensure enthusiasts will get the best viewing pleasure to offer the most perfect Sri Lanka wildlife tours.

Sri Lanka offers diversity in wildlife with over 80 mammal species, with the majestic Asia elephant dominating the chase. These mesmerizing animals can be seen effortlessly in most of the reserves, as they roam either in large herds with extended families or as a lone male. Due place has also to be given to the Sri Lankan leopard. The best sighting of this fascinating creature is either at day break or at sunset when it leaves its hideout for a hunt.

Other predatory sightings, safari goers can enjoy in Sri Lanka include the Asian sloth bear, mongooses, and the golden jackal. Unlike in the plains of Africa, the Sri Lankan safaris are challenging due to the shrubs and under growth of the terrain. All on board are expected to be on the look and are engaged in the thrill of the chase on these Sri Lankan wildlife tours.

Sightings range from the endemic primates, to spotted deer, and not to mention the fascinating bird varieties just to name a few Ranfer Tavels organizes 4WD Jeep safaris which start at day-break or towards the late afternoon to ensure the optimum sightings in the wild. We ensure personalize checks of all vehicles prior to every wildlife tour excursion into the parks and strictly adhere to all of the National tour operators safety standards of Sri Lanka wild life.

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