Sri Lanka Turtle Watching & Hatchery Tours


The warm shore of Sri Lanka draped in the water of the blue Indian Ocean is heaven for Turtles. Five out of the seven species of sea Turtles come ashore to nest in sandy beaches of Sri Lanka, making Sri Lanka a paradise for to go Turtle Watching. Turtles are fairly nervous and shy when they are in search for a place to nest.

We popularly carryout these Turtle Watching tours offer the shore of Kalpitiya and Rekawa in the South Coast of Sri Lanka. Apart of the Turtle watching tours we will visit a Turtle hatchery to understand and develop awareness of the turtle conservation projects being carried out in Sri Lanka.

It goes without saying; Turtle Watching Excursions involves some waiting and some walking on the beach. As with all of nature, it is the Turtle (not us) that sets the time and place of the event! The entire process of a nesting Turtle can take up to 3 hours and can include ‘false crawls' (non-nesting emergence) and of course there is no guarantee that the Turtles come to nest every night, but sitting on a deserted beach under the open starry sky in Sri Lanka is an incredible experience in itself.