Sri Lanka Luxuary Camping Holidays


At Target Travels we reckon the best way to explore nature is to get right into heart of it! The model of fully transportable camping means that we can propose precisely that, taking the discerning nature lover to areas of Sri Lanka that are basically unreachable to the average hotel stayer. All our campsites are in prime locations, either selected by our own experienced product development team or sites belonging to the Wildlife and Forest Department of Sri Lanka .

We offer a huge variety of ‘tried and tested’ locations in which we operate camping programmes on a regular basis, however we are also always open to requests, proving just how ‘c’ our ‘movable camping programmes’ really are! Our attention to detail with special features such as a uniquely dramatic lighting of the campfire, illuminating oil or copra torches, make-shift outdoor restaurant and a global cuisine certain to tantalize your taste-buds, its cto say that your Target camping excursion will be an experience never to be forgotten!