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Ayurvedic therapies, which are said to have originated in India thousands of years ago, trickled in knowledge and practice to Sri Lanka over the centuries. In Sri Lanka native doctors developed their own remedies and cures with plants, herbs and other natural products to heal the sick and ailing in the island over the centuries. From snake bites to cancer treatment, from skin diseases to sleeping disorders, and more, Ayurvedic physicians in Sri Lanka specialize in their own field and today are backed by western medical qualifications and know how.

Basic Ayurvedic cures and remedies are now offered at several of Sri Lanka’s luxury Ayurveda resort hotels. The name Ayurveda, meaning in Hindi ‘Ayur:’ life and Veda: knowledge, stresses a holistic approach to health, eliminating toxins from the body through message, sauna and diet which is intended to strengthen the prana, or life force, coupled with bhavana, or meditation, to achieve peace of mind.

For those who are looking for a Sri Lanka Ayurveda Holiday Package, Ranfer Travels can recommend the most suitable package deals for you. With our extensive experience in the industry we will contact the most suitable Ayurvedic Spas for your requirement and recommend the best package options available. These relaxing Sri Lanka Ayurveda Holidays can be combined with any of our other tours which holiday seekers can enjoy.

All our Ayurveda Tour Packages and Hotels are listed based on careful selection of years of successful service and are accredited by the Sri Lanka Ayurveda Medical Association.

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