Spectacular Sights

Sri Lanka can be best described as an island of contrast. Here are some of the most dazzling sights to seeon this magical island.

  • The Hooaaniya Blowhole – located in the south coast of Sri Lanka, this is a natural rock chimney that can force water from the high seas to over 20 meters (approximately 70 ft) into the air. This is located in between the towns od Dickwella and Tangalle. During the Southwest monsoon season in June and when the seas are extremely rough, villages around the area claim that the spout reaches the height of three coconut trees.

  • Kataragama festival, is certainly not for the faint hearted. This festival is famous for the acts of mutilation of the devotees perform to celebrate their faith. This is during the months of July and August when conch shells blow, trumpets blare and drums beat out as voices rise in unison. Devotees then ram spikes through their tongues and suspend their bodies from scaffolding by means of butchers' hooks that are looped through their skin. On the plus side, the town itself is pretty and among the holiest sites in the island for Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims.

  • Pettah Bazaar in old Colombo is a hectic glimpse of the capitals most ancient shopping stalls that still operate as if time has stood still. This is a sight to behold with stalls selling everything from wild cinnamon to cut price electronics. Pettah – a chaotic bazaar district which is still the scene of much of the city's vibrant commercial life, its a grid of narrow streets stuffed full of every conceivable type of merchandise, from electrical goods to rare spices. Many of the district's streets are given over to specific items –one street will be devoted to selling leather goods, another to household wares, etc. You can consider this the oldest form of departmentalization, in the world!

  • Ella Gap at 2552 meters above sea-level this is arguably the finest view, in an island full of panoramic beauty. This is best described as a view of Sri Lanka's mountainous spine seen through a cleft in the hills. Ella town is perfect for long walks in the day and even longer dinners in the evening at the village's homely guesthouses, which serve up some of the best home- cooking to be had anywhere in the island.

  • Ramboda Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls of Sri Lanka. Although every bend of a road in the island seems to lead to another waterfall in the Hill Country, Ramboda Falls will truly take your breath away. The Ramboda Falls, which tumbles over the cliffs in two 100-metre (328- ft) high cascade will be a perfect picnic break on an tour.

  • Unawatuna Bay attracts visitors from all over the world. Most notable though are the stilt fisherman who make their living by standing over the bay, is truly an endemic sight to the island. The small resort region of Unawatuna, was flattened by the tsunami and many predicted it would subsequently be ruined by an influx of large-scale developers. Yet the pace of rebuilding here has outstripped almost everywhere else in the island – and it has been led by small, private hoteliers.

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