Hikkaduwa is popular tourist haunt that is located South of Colombo and is famous for its sandy beaches, surfing, coral reefs, and the incredible nightlife that has flourished over the last decade.

A mere 2 hour drive from Colombo to Hikkaduwa on Galle Road, this town is an excellent Beach destination and offers travelers many luxuries such as the variety of accommodation options, a range of cute little cafes on the beach, ayurvedic centers, souvenir shops, and a nonstop party atmosphere. It’s easy to say that one will never be bored in a place like this.

This is mostly frequent by the young party seekers and if you are looking for a quieter beach getaway, sadly this may not be your idea location.

The ideally tide makes Hikkaduwa very popular with board-surfers and is in fact a renowned international destination for board-surfing.

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