Fishing Holidays in Sri Lanka


With Sri Lanka’s 360 degree coast-line and abundant reservoirs and lakes, the island is a superb place to cast your line and partake in this relaxing past-time of either inland or deep sea fishing. Inland fishing can be organized throughout the year due to the constant smoothness of the waterways and reservoirs situated throughout Sri Lanka.

On the other hand, as with all sea-based adventured, Sri Lanka ‘s deep sea fishing is reliant on the monsoon seasons, with the western and southern coastal regions accessible from November to April and the East coastal region from May to September. You can opt to fish from the beach or advance out to sea in an in-built or out-board fibre-glass motor boat and try troll fishing. Target Travels will organize all safety jackets, rods and bait, and other equipment, which will be communicated at the time of booking.