Mountains worthy of worship; man-made wonders to marvel and city lights that will make you go blind; food to excite and challenge your palate – from its populated east to the vast plains and highlands of the west, China is a world unto itself. With an outdoors waiting to be explored, and many layers of rich history, wherever you go in this massive and massively varied country, you can’t help but get mesmerized by its beauty.

Cycle through Yangshuo’s grand limestone scenery or trek the Great Wall; walk the 500-year old rice terraces of Longji or wander amongst Xian’s terracotta warriors. The country’s size and scale of its grand sights are overwhelming, so be sure to also enjoy its tranquil age-old traditions, whether you’re participating or observing: a game of mahjong, tai chi in the park, calligraphy and tea, China is waiting to be explored.

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