About Ranfer Group

Ranfer Teas Ltd. was established in 1985, for the purpose of exporting Sri Lankan tea in bulk form to the then traditional markets. Since then, it has diversified into exports of value added and gift packed teas, in addition to the bulk tea markets all over the world. The Group presently consists of 14 companies which are engaged in tourism and travel, processing and export of tea and other agro based products. It has also operations in Kenya, Malawi and Vietnam which are also engaged in export of tea from those centers.

Our Expertise

As an organization we enjoy a high reputation amongst our international clientele and in the markets they represent. As a result of which they have continued to regard us as their sourcing agents in Sri Lanka. Over the years we have won many awards as leading exporters of tea and other agro based products both in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Special Exports awards

Our pioneering and innovative effort in marketing of other Sri Lankan agro based products such as dried lime, powdered lemon packed in "Tea" bag sachets, light shaded DC and Spices in other value added form, have been recognized by the government and other promotional bodies which resulted in our being awarded "THE MOST OUTSTANDING EXPORTER FOR ALL COMMODITIES' in 2002.

Credentials of Directors

Mr. Nirmal Ranasinghe , the Chairman of the Group of Companies who is a pioneer in the tea trade of Sri Lanka with over 45 years of experience, having initially commenced his career at Colombo Commercial Company (Tea Division) reaching upto serving on its Board of Directors. Thereafter when the organization was nationalized in 1976 he was the Chief Executive Officer of the government owned business undertaking of Colombo Commercials Company ( Teas ) Ltd. During his tenure of office, he had the opportunity of working closely with the Government Sector and remained one of the chief advisors of the respective Ministries handling the Tea Industry. In 1985 he relinquished his duties in the above organization and was a founder member who establishing Ranfer (Teas) Pvt Ltd.

Within a phase of nearly 30 years, the Company's expansion program has been so effective that the Group now covers 14 Companies dealing in Plantation, Export of Agro Based products, Gravure Printing, Tourism and Travel trade in addition to the Export of tea and spices. In fact the organization remains the exclusive supplier and trading arm of the Sri Lanka Tea Board for their respective range of packs. Mr. Ranasinghe has also had the opportunity of holding representative positions at the Ceylon Tea Traders Association and Tea Exporters Association and is well recognized in the local and international Tea Trade.

Mr. Travis Fernando who was Mr. Ranasinghe's assistant from the time of his employment at Colombo Commercials Company Teas ( Pvt ) Ltd., was also a founding member of Ranfer Teas (Pvt ) Ltd and have been much a part of the above referred to planning and development program of the Group. Mr. Fernando possesses 43 years experience in the Tea Trade and has held many positions in national forums connected with the tea trade

Mr. Rajiv de Sylva is the Managing Director of the Group of Companies and joined the organization from his early days and has remained a key activist in the group's operations and development program. He has been on numerous overseas promotional and marketing visits and has penetrated into new markets in the CIS and other newly emerging markets in the East European block. Mr. de Sylva's experience in the trade is highly recognized by his contemporaries. He too was much a part of the Group's development efforts and was a senior director of the company. The management is well supported by a set of experienced and competent personnel handling the allied divisions to make the Group activities effective.


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